By Nicolas Cambier
  • France
  • 2022
  • 9’
  • Fiction
  • Français

Whit the support of CNC's slate funding
Whit the support of Procirep / Angoa
With the complementary help of CNC music funds
With the program support company of Ciclic - région Centre-Val de Loire
Help of the SACEM ALCIMÉ music funds


Summer holidays. Off a busy beach, three teenagers play tough and mess around on a floating platform. When they realise they are surrounded by a swarm of jellyfish, their bravado gives way to childish concerns way harder to hide.


Festival Plein La Bobine, France, 2023
Festival Côté Courts de Cormeilles, France, 2023
Les Rencontres Cinessonne #5, France, 2022
Festival Français du film de Jeju, South Korea, 2022
Un festival c’est trop court ! , France, 2022
Ferfilm Int’ Film Festival, Republic of Kosovo, 2022
Festival européen du film court de Brest, France, 2022
Off-Courts Trouville, France, 2022